Magnificatio Algarvensis

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The live performance “Magnificatio Algarvensis” was developed over an initial project, by the Algarve Art Lab Collective, of which I am a member. This project was exhibited during the Artech 2023 conference in Faro, by invitation from the conference organisation.

The Geopark Algarvensis – Loulé-Silves-Albufeira – showcases the geological diversity and unique landscapes of the area shared by the three municipalities. The territory has a geological history that tells the birth of mountain ranges and ancient seas, shaped by natural processes over millions of years. Its features include rock formations, fossil sites, caves, cliffs, cultural heritage, and biodiversity that not only are of great scientific, cultural, and educational value, but also provide a multitude of sensory stimuli.

This work is inspired by the Geopark Algarvensis, through its many facets. It consists of a transdisciplinary performance in which instrumental music and generative visuals communicate through the mediation of digital technologies, enhancing the traditional acoustic capabilities of a marimba and a clarinet. Thus, the convergence of these vectors – musical performance, digital augmentation, and responsive generative visuals – is used to take the audience on a magnificent sensorial journey.


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