This article proposes generative art as a framework for creating complex multisensory and multimedia experiences, characteristic of performing arts. Ge-nerative art is all art that in whole or part is created by means of an autonomous system, i.e. a non-human system that independently determines features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist. The artist will usually take on the role of a framework designer, and the system evolves freely within that framework and its defined aesthetic boundaries. If the historic, non-computer driven predecessors of generative art — especially algorithmic art — much impacted the early visual geometric arts, and more recently even music and literature, it seems that at present this cross-medium potential has been forsaken and most gen-erative art outcomes are visual. It is the goal of this article to propose a model for the creation of gen-erative performances, derived from stochastic evolutionary Lindenmayer systems.

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